GRAM: Governors and Regents Don't Use Rhetoric on Social Media, Immediately Find Flood Prevention Solutions

Kamis, 20 Januari 2022 - 07.30 WIB

Floods that hit North Aceh Regency caused hundreds of billions in losses and claimed 2 lives. After 10 days after the flood hit North Aceh Regency, leaving sorrow and suffering for the people of North Aceh who were hit by the flood, where they lost their property, not even a few business equipment was damaged, both micro-economy and business. Bundes Village.

Responding to the problem of flood victims in 18 sub-districts in North Aceh Regency, the Non-Governmental Organization of the Aceh People's Movement to Build (NGO-GRAM) urged the Aceh Provincial Government and Water Contributing Districts to sit down together every year. to discuss the causes of flooding and the post-flood rapid response system. This was conveyed directly by the Chairman of GRAM, Muhammad Azhar.

In his statement, Azhar also stated that the two highland districts must take on the role of forest monitoring function as an extension of the Aceh government in the Gayo plains area. “Every year the floods in North Aceh Regency are getting worse, and this happens because of forest damage, indications of forest damage are proven by natural facts, where the flood contains a mixture of murky mud, in this case the team from the Aceh Governor. Aceh needs to come down to collect data in the field, to be submitted directly to the Governor.

After the data is collected, this becomes a study material for the executive to conduct a thorough evaluation of the issuance of HGU permits.

Due to the flooding that occurred in the field, extraordinary irregularities occurred in the management of protected forests and production forests in the Gayo plains.

He also asked the Governor and Regent and related agencies to immediately form an evaluation team. do not stay silent, must form a thorough evaluation team. "Governors and Regents as well as related agencies must immediately form a comprehensive evaluation team, here we will find out who has neglected their duties and authorities in forest conservation".

He continued, "Officials must know that right now we are not in good shape, time will explode if we neglect our duties, this is important to save the people in the downstream districts of North Aceh and East Aceh".

Nova Iriansyah As the Governor and a number of Regents there as stakeholders, they must move quickly, no longer make rhetoric and argue on social media, immediately help ease the burden of flooding and effective handling so that floods can be minimized. (R).